July 19, 2024
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Biden Seeks to Delay COVID Vaccine Safety Data Release Until 2026.

The Biden government is seeking an 18-month delay in releasing COVID-19 vaccine safety data, pushing potential disclosure until at least 2026. This regime claims an influx of pandemic-related information requests

7 courts (soon to be 8) found MI SoS @JocelynBenson conducted unlawful elections. Formal certification paperwork for 2020 election in Wayne County was not lawful. Over 302,000 more ballots cast than voters. Voting systems connected to the internet.

But, hey, if you are part of

WOW,...20 NEW JOBS!!!

Michigan Governor Whitmer Announces $33 Million Investment and 20 New Jobs in Muskegon and Newaygo Counties #GretchenWhitmer #GovernorofMichigan #Kentucky

@NealFriske is one of the few honorable elected officials in Lansing. He was detained after chasing a robbery suspect from his home in the middle of the night, but you would never know that from the media reports from the likes of @CraigDMauger of the @DetNews and @MIRSnews.

Our Studio's Production Computer died at 3:00 am this morning.

No show for today,...we are switching the entire Patriot Voice Radio Network including 97.7 FM - WCHY, Cheboygan over to our music and commercials.

We have to purchase a new Computer and have our Engineer

“State Rep. Neil Friske was arrested early Thursday morning in Lansing on undisclosed charges.”

Friske is among the most conservative members of the state Legislature.

Story by @DNBethLeBlanc.

Good news for Northern Michigan and our tourism season of 2024!!!

Gas prices set to tumble 10% ahead of the Fourth of July

#Gasprices #Interestrates #Traffic

RNC recruits poll workers in Michigan as part of vote monitoring efforts
#Michigan #Republicans
#Recruiting #Wisconsin #Georgia #Voterfraud

Facing felony charges, Matt DePerno announces run for Michigan Supreme Court against Alexandria Taylor and Judge Patrick O'Grady at the upcoming MRP State Convention;



BREAKING: MI SoS @JocelynBenson has been found in violation of law by SEVEN separate courts! In the latest ruling, she once again attempted to direct election officials to presume signatures on ballot envelopes and absentee ballot applications are valid (i.e. unilaterally remove

Michigan has "invested" $1 BILLION in EV Battery Plants so far, creating fewer than 200 jobs!!!

Return on Investment?


Biden's Attorney General Merrick Garland held in contempt by House, not releasing documents to protect Biden;


#Attorneygeneral #JusticeDepartment #Republicans

Minnehaha County, SD Auditor Leah Anderson is doing what ALL election canvassers across the country should do, AUDIT THE ELECTION RESULTS!
In so doing, she discovered over 24,500 ballots that were not accounted for in the audit logs out of an official 92,326 votes cast.
Kudos to

🚨 The FBI is Feared to be Secret Police Force For the Left, and now There’s Proof — They have an Internal Loyalty Test

• A New FBI Whistleblower has provided evidence that the FBI has an internal political litmus test.
—— In order to get a high

I also find it interesting to note that the Detroit Inspection Form features a completed field for Modem #. More evidence that Detroit election equipment was connected to the internet during the #2020Election. @yehuda_miller @DkALLLDay @PattyLovesTruth @gatewaypundit

Carpet bagger U.S. Congressman - Jack Bergman (MI-District 1) hasn't lived in Michigan since before 2016!!!



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